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Several of you have asked to hear this. This is the audio on the CD I referred to…the one that we handed out around 2500 of. Out and about planting seeds daily, for many years, my family and I were zealously following the command to…go forth to preach, to warn, to teach, and to invite those around us to come and partake of the most special way to believe. We “knew” we were “helping” people to “find” this most special way, because something as serious as their salvation was on the line. And, we just “knew” that our joy would be great to get to the other side and see the massive ripple effect from us doing our part…seeing thousands repentant and partaking of the fulness of joy that was only available to those who fully and completely submit themselves to these “truths”.

Because I had heard these words I had recorded so many times, they were indelibly imprinted into my everyday thoughts and speech. In no way whatsoever did we want it to be this way, but now that we have verified that Mormonism was actually founded upon a fraud, I often think of what the re-wording for a CD like this would be…if it only contained the verifiable fact-based truth…instead of all of my confirmation bias (reassuring myself that what I believed was the truth), like I did repeatedly throughout. I know that if I heard only the fact-based truth for the first time, I may have thought something completely different than I did when I heard the whitewashed and revisionist version. For anyone wondering if I really had and treasured a real testimony or not, listening to this story of mine may answer your question.

This audio has been spread into many parts of the world via at least six Mission Presidents that I knew of, many full-time missionaries, several Stake Presidents, High Councilors, Bishops, etc. I started trying to contemplate the math at one point, and was overcome with emotion that the Lord was using me as such an important instrument in His hands to do His work. My rejoicing wouldn’t be with thousands, as Alma had promised, rather millions upon millions.

Enjoy! Onward and Upward, Kenn Sullivan

NOTE: I received copyright permission from the church to use the background music.

After we’d been through a few different options, here is what we found to be the most “effective” cover label to get potential converts to listen to the CD so they could feel the spirit of it 🙂 The conversion part was left in their court…we just knew what we had been asked to do, and what part we were going to be accountable for.

CD cover label

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