God vs No God…and the Winner Is?

This post is not meant to be divisive, insensitive, or confrontational. And, it most likely isn’t anything like you would think it would be…based on the title. Please accept the possibility that I have been very deliberate, and share with very positive hopeful intentions, a heart full of love, and a strong desire to be considered part of your in-group. I consider you part of mine.

I get asked quite often, “What do you believe in Kenn?”, I have thought about this topic everyday, at times most of the day, for the past couple of years. A good friend of mine shared this video with me, and when I finished watching, I cheered loudly inside at the overall message. David Eagleman has done the best job I have seen yet on articulating what I have been thinking for some time.

Having had our belief system and world view altered so dramatically because of our honest inquiries, and experiencing the distancing from too many loved ones who we once shared our old beliefs with, for a variety of reasons we are empathetic toward, I share this in hope that it may help to strengthen our relationships, and have them based on increasing authentic communication, tolerance, and acceptance. Please feel free to reach out anytime, to ask me anything, anytime. People are more important than beliefs.

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