We have been asked many times in the past several months to share our story about leaving the Mormon church, and we have been reluctant to do so publicly for a variety of reasons. After contemplating it for some time, we agreed to share with the hope that it may help someone. We felt that it was important to leave out and not discuss our specific questions or concerns that ultimately led us to leaving. We knew some of our Mormon friends, family, and others may want to know about our story without having to hear about those things. We wanted them to feel that it was safe for them to watch without feeling that we were going to cram anything in front of them. So it is in that respectful tone, and out of love, that we have chosen to tell our story.  So far, we have had thousands of visitors, and received hundreds of emails, messages, comments, etc. letting us know that our story has been helping with relationships. We are glad that we were willing to share. Feel free to share with anyone you feel that it could potentially be helpful to. 🙂 Here is the video: https://vimeo.com/112612925

Love is Most Important


People need each other. People especially need each other to be less judgmental, more caring, and more tolerant.


People Linking Arms

We add our voices for people to come together to link arms, to become increasingly tolerant, to unshackle the chains of prejudice and hatred, to peel back and shed the layers of bias, to actually help take care of each other….to live outward more fully.

Think about the last time you did something for someone else without expecting anything, or even any recognition in return. It made you feel good inside didn’t it? I have asked the question hundreds of times now, and with out fail, everyone answers the same way. Isn’t it a better way  to be living our lives? Doesn’t it just sound better to find common ground regardless of beliefs, religion, politics, race, culture, and language, etc…

Think about how judgmental most people are when it comes to belief systems different than their own. Think about what percentage of the population believes the same way you do. For most of us, the number is finite. When you look at the math, isn’t it fairly narcissistic/selfish/prideful/judgmental to think that your myopic view is the correct “one and only”.

We’d love to hear your ideas about how we can all do a better job of Linking Arms.

NOTE: Linking Arms is not an organization of any kind. Nor is there any current intention to make it an organization. To be clear, we have not asked for, nor plan on asking for any kind of financial support. Linking Arms is simply us adding our voices to others in the hope to inspire others to live outward more fully. To give you an example of people linking arms, here is a video from a recent trip that my son Morley and I were able to be a part of and witness many coming together to help this family in need. The feelings and lifetime memories we came away with were priceless. http://youtu.be/3g2z8t4LBRE

We look forward to linking arms with you!

Onward and upward,

Kenn and RuthAnn Sullivan




“People need people.”- Anonymous